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Can Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) based SEO tools replace SEO Consultants? Will AI Replace SEO ?

Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is on the rise in last 2 to 3 years in almost all the industries. AI is automating many manual processes around the world and lot of people are loosing their jobs as employers feel AI tools are more efficient than humans and they cost…

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What Does an SEO Company really Do and How to Choose a Good SEO Company?

This is a common question which most business owners have when they are searching for SEO services provider for their website. They would like to know what really happens behind the screen of an SEO company, what are the monthly activities they do and how can SEO company really help…

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Why is WordPress So Popular? Its Stats, Plugins and More

So why do we use WordPress more than other CMS and website platforms? Why do we use WordPress so much that 34% of the entire web is on WordPress? To understand these answers we need to understand what is WordPress? and the reasons why it is so popular that even…

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