Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation built over years can be destroyed in a single minute

In business, reputation is everything. A small vicious comment or malicious campaign by your competitor has the potential to destroy your carefully built brand. With the convenience of internet, it has become easier to launch a smear campaign against anyone within moments.

Search engines, the most popular means to look up information, considers and pulls up reviews from review sites whenever an enterprise’s name is used as a search query. Since internet is accessible to thousands, if not millions of people around the world; bad reviews and undesirable comments on social networking sites reduce the revenue drastically. This can cause huge loses and damage your brand name.

UDI System’s online reputation management services bangalore continually monitors your brand online and helps you to be proactive in your reputation management. We monitor messages, reviews, and comments about your brand and launch a defensive campaign which nullifies the effect of these reputation damaging comments. Employing both online and offline strategies in reputation management, we increase positive feedbacks and messaging, and also move negative comments off the first few search engine pages.

Preventive measures employed

  • Future planning: By considering various scenarios, we develop a response plan. This makes it possible for you to respond immediately to any smear campaigns.
  • Constant Monitoring: Using our path-breaking and proven tools and technologies we monitor networks for any mention of your company or products.

How we protect your reputation

  • Damage Control: If you are suffering from negative reviews and messages, we employ various unique ethical techniques to counter the damage.
  • Immediate and appropriate response: We ensure that your brand has a clean and outstanding reputation by using various methods appropriately in response to reputation damaging comments.