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What is Competitive Gap Analysis?

When you’re planning a new venture or have been losing out on customers to your competitors in an organic search, you need a competitive gap analysis. In the digital landscape, your competitors are a goldmine of information that helps you determine the right SEO strategy. At UDI System, we offer competitive gap analysis services to businesses at all stages in their lifecycle.

In broad terms, a competitive gap analysis helps you

  • Understand what’s working and what’s not in your industry
  • Learn about your competitors’ weaknesses and capitalize on them
  • Analyse your competitors’ strengths and try to replicate them in your SEO tactics
  • Gain a roadmap for the SEO tasks that you can prioritize
  • Get a clear idea of how easy or difficult it will be to outperform your competitors in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

How Can UDISYSTEM’s Competitive Gap Analysis Help?

When we offer a competitive gap analysis, we compare your current performance with your optimal or desired results. For instance, when we work on your website’s competitive analysis, we identify how your website is currently placed against your competitors and what we can do to improve your position in the digital market.

Our Process

Understanding Your Competition

We talk to your marketing team to understand your direct, indirect and aspirational competitors. The more competitors you can share with us, the better our analysis. We recommend at least two direct and one indirect competitor.

Direct competitors are those whose products or services are similar to yours. Indirect competitors are difficult to identify as they might not offer the same services or products. However, they may be grabbing your potential customers as their content ranks on similar queries or results. Aspirational competitors are those with whom you want to compete. With our gap analysis, we can take you at par with these sites.

Data Collection and Analysis

Once we have the list of competitors, we start collecting data by employing the most powerful tools in the industry. We gather all relevant information about your website and your competitors for a thorough analysis. We study domain ratings, Ahrefs Rank, referring domain and organic traffic and keywords in our SEO metrics. The more the gap between you and your competitors, the more catching up we need to do.

We focus on studying the backlink growth and traffic breakdown by country. We also spy on your competitors’ organic keywords to know what keywords are driving traffic to their websites. Content gaps are something that we need to fill for better results. They are keywords for which your competitors are ranking but you aren’t. This is a gap you’d want to fill and our experts can guide you through the process. We also find the most popular content, most linked content and best PPC keywords during the analysis.


Once we have collected all the data and conducted our analysis, we present it to you along with a priority wise list of recommendations. This includes almost a year’s worth of SEO and content strategies that will help you fill the competitive gap analysis.

When we look at your competitors’ PPC ads or keywords, it helps with writing titles or descriptions that can boost your CTR (Click Through Rate). This is because your competitors are paying money to attract customers for specific keywords and with Google, you can get more rewards with relevant ads with a smaller CPC (Cost Per Click).

Ready to Beat Your Competition?

We include your current state analysis, future state analysis, project-specific strategy and data sources and methodology in our final report. Once we present our findings, you can consult our team to implement the top recommendations so that we can fill the gap and rank your website in the top search results.

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