Building Links for SEO

If you want to increase the intensity of your site link’s fame, link building is the thing you should be mastering. Those that are commonly being indexed are the links on the highest ranks in the search engines—their links are being obtained towards the other’s site link. And the Website crawler does all the indexing.

Making Your Link Even More Famous

So, the real question is, how to do it? If building links makes you like even more popular, you have to learn everything about it.

  1. Always go for manual submitting your site to search engines.
  2. Be listed in famous directories like,, and whatnot.
  3. Make high-class contents so that you could be naturally picked by anyone.
  4. Initiate the first move with the webmasters by putting your site link in theirs.
  5. Join the Exchange Programs and look for the top 20 sites with the same nature of business propose reciprocal links.
  6. Subscribe in forums!
  7. Target the bookmark sites like Slashdot and DIGG to have your site, but be careful with the spam policy.
  8. Maintain the great contents, they’re very important.
  9. Purchase a high-rank site to lace your link in.
  10. Consider subscribing to the Google’s AdWords program to keep the traffic coming in your way.
  11. Consider using other alternative advertising options, too.

Varied Tactics for SEO

One of the miscellaneous techniques is to know the things to avoid doing such as the following.

  • Avoid putting wrong keywords—those are big No.
  • Avoid keeping hidden text on any webpage of yours.
  • Avoid metatags stuffing.
  • Avoid exchanging links with the black listed.
  • Avoid flash and frames on your site.
  • Avoid misspelled keywords—intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Avoid sending spam emails.
  • Avoid too much doorway pages in there.
  • Avoid graphics on the site.
  • Avoid duplicate content for pages.
  • Avoid sub-directory of 1 to 2 depths.
  • Avoid many submission of your site to just one search engine. You won’t like it to be bombarded.
  • Avoid overfilling your pages with codes.
  • Avoid making too many dynamic pages.
  • Avoid nesting pages.

And now, here are the techniques that you should rather do.

  • Focus on the dynamic page URLs.
  • Include important stuffs like About UsCopyrightFAQs, Help, Disclaimer, and whatnot.
  • Put a link of your homepage to every page.
  • Recheck site for broken links, you wouldn’t want that because it will reduce other pages’ ranks as well.

Strategy, Tactics, and Tips Summarized for SEO

Now that you’ve learned important concepts about Search Engine Optimization, just make sure to lay eyes on these important points for ethical tactics and keep them in mind.

  • Nomenclature or naming is an important factor with indexing and getting indexed.
  • Every webpage of yours must live up to the W3C standards.
  • Keywords should be in the meta tags, headings and of course, the title.
  • Never overdo the density for the keywords.
  • Do not overlook the Title Tags and ALT tags, they’re important, too.

And have a healthy and prosperous career in this virtual industry!

UDI System is a SEO Company located in Bangalore follows the preeminent procedures, exercise the current methodologies and technology with unique and innovative approach to help out you build your online individuality.

February - 28, 2018 | Edited by: Madhukar SV (Digital Consultant)

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