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What is SEO?

Worried about your new website? When you’re craving more visibility, want a better ranking in organic searches and be in-line with Google algorithm updates, call us. At UDI System, we offer a technical SEO audit to discover the complete potential of your website. Today, customers are looking for a seamless, accessible and error-free website. And so is Google. When ranking websites, Google constantly looks at user engagement signals. The key to online success lies in a visible, user-friendly and search engine optimized website. And we can help you build one.

What is SEO Audit?
An SEO audit is an inspection that highlights the changes we can make to your website so that it meets Google’s high-quality website demands. Moving forward, Google’s algorithms will only get tougher and stronger, making it imperative for websites to improve their SEO efforts. For instance, if you want to drive more traffic and sales from your website, the only way to do so is by investing in quality SEO audit. When you fail to meet Google’s requirements, your website won’t gain long-term traction in SERP.

What do we Offer?
Our SEO experts perform the audit with specialized tools to improve your ranking in organic search results. Whether you’ve recently updated your website or it’s gone through a period of neglect, moving forward can be tough for an SEO novice. On the contrary, with an SEO specialist like UDI System, you can say goodbye to all the guesswork. Instead, we share priority-wise recommendations and deliverables. This way, you can implement our ideas and start seeing positive results on your site’s performance.


When Should You Consider an SEO Audit?

Your Organic Traffic Has Reduced
This is common after rebranding, site migration or site redesign. Also, if you’ve conducted any major technical, content or link-related changes and notice a decline, it’s time for an audit.

Your Page Loads Slower
In most cases, slower loading pages leave your visitors frustrated. Not to mention, it signals search engines to assign a lower rank to your website. This relates to a lower conversion rate.

Your Mobile Experience is Poor
Today, more than 70% of visitors are browsing your website on their phones. When faced with a poor mobile experience, it leads to a higher bounce rate, unsatisfied customers and lower keyword ranking. Google’s analysis of low visitor satisfaction can impact your visibility.

Your Website Has Many Broken Links
Outbound links (from your website to another), inbound links (from another website to yours) and internal links (from one page to another in your website) must be functional. Broken links can lower the authority and trust of your website.

Your Website has Content Problems
Outdated content may rank for keywords that are no longer relevant to your business or customers. Likewise, in the case of content duplication, it can cause over indexation concerns. It also reduces the authority of your website and makes it difficult for users to find the right content in search engines.

How Often Do You Need an Audit?
Based on your industry and content strategy, we recommend it annually or bi-annually. If your website’s content or code changes frequently, don’t forget to conduct an audit at the earliest. Similarly, if many individuals are contributing to your website, you may need our assistance to keep track of all the changes. Lastly, if your industry is super competitive in the digital space, SEO audits will keep you ahead of the game.

Why Choose our SEO Audit Services?
• Identify technical problems that reduce your site’s performance and don’t bring qualified traffic
• Find new content opportunities for improvement
• Understand the digital health of your website
• Improve user experience. Remember what’s good for search engines is great for your users
• Boost ranking for relevant keywords and increase conversions through leads
• Build a revenue stream that works even when you are not
• Know more about how search engines view your website
• Work with the best SEO professionals in the industry to gain better ranking
• Get regular updates and reports about your website and our SEO recommendations

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