Speed up your Mobile Ranking from the Zeroth position

How to Speed up your Mobile Ranking from the Zeroth position?

Speed of Page

While there are apparently lots of indications for Google’s mobile search ranking algorithm, the speed of a page is one of the mainly significant factors. Mobile searchers have disgracefully dumpy attention duration and even within a few seconds load time can create a difference.

The instance it takes to load a page is the main aspect when it comes to visitor abandonment rate; almost most of the visitors expect a mobile page to load in within 3 to 4 seconds or less than that. More than 30%-40% will dump a website visit because it takes loading time more than 4-5 seconds.

The search engine like Google expects you to deliver Above the Fold (ATF) content within 2-3 seconds or less than that. So every millisecond possibly makes a difference to your desktop and mobile ranking in search results.

When Designing, Crafting for the Mobile

When designing, crafting for the mobile, keep in mind that nearly all devices have less potent CPUs compared to your desktops as well as a short battery existence, designing a page which open and land within 2-3 seconds in Above the Fold (ATF) form is a difficult assessment. Before that, you need to do the DNS lookup, TCP handshake and HTTP response and requests. Consider every step you can decrease the stress you can keep on the user’s network.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing image size using a photo editor like Photoshop will be helpful. Never depend on HTML to rationalize images size; HTML just alters the outer shell, not the real size.

Browser Caching

Always depend on browser caching. Decrease the HTTP requests by leveraging browser caching. Exercise Expires headers (Apache) and Cache-Control headers to inform users’ browsers that style sheets, images, and CSS are cacheable.

Cut Down or Remove Browser Redirects

Few redirects are necessary. Keep in mind, all redirect is one more HTTP request, which slows down the load time of the page.

Minify the Code

Exercise tools like Compressor or minify tools to eliminate needless typescript from JavaScript and style sheets. The minifying code can recover caching and shrink bandwidth consumption.

Stay Away from external Blocking of JavaScript and CSS ATF (above the fold).

Each and every time a browser come across an external script while parsing the page it has to discontinue and download that source. This includes a network round-trip, hindrance of ATF (Above the Fold) rendering. Employ inline JavaScript and CSS to deliver Above the Fold (ATF) content and load any additional functionality after the ATF content has been delivered.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages are mobile optimized pages of the site that have been formed using open source designs, which permit them to be provided immediately. Google stores authenticated AMPs in a dedicated cache and supply them from there.

TCP Sluggish Start

Sometimes a new TCP connection is incapable of operating the complete bandwidth of a link between the browser and the server; as a result, the server is limited to 10 packets or less than that in the first round-trip. This indicates the importance of rendering in connection, thus your Above the Fold (ATF) content requires to be 14KB or less than that. Always keep watch on your servers’ updated version for packets and connection bandwidth.

If you want to boost up site page speed for mobile, begin with Google’s Page Speed Insights tool. It measures the health and performance of the page for both mobile and desktop.

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February - 28, 2018 | Edited by: Madhukar SV (Digital Consultant)

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