Which are the Google Ranking Factors ?

Everyone might know Google uses nearly 200 ranking factors in its algorithm.  What are these 200 high ranking elements or ranking factors? Whether it is worth it? Here today I am speaking about some of the most proven, controversial and SEO PoinDexter theories.

Age of Domain:  Now the variance linking between domains that are only 6 month aged verses a one year aged domain really not a great deal at all.

Domain Name as Keywords: It doesn’t give any boost, but having them in your domain influence relevancy.

Length of your Domain: Valuable domains are always worthy, while doorway domains infrequently used. So the domain registration & expiration dates can be used as a part of predicting authenticity of the domain.

Sub domain and Keywords: Using keywords in your sub domain URLs also helps to boost your ranking.

Exact Match Domain (EMD): An EMD still gives you acuteness…if the site is quality based. But if your EMD is not quality based then it is vulnerable.

Private vs Public Domain: Private Whois domain information means it is the sign of hiding something. That is perfectly unusual.

Whois Owner and Penalty:  If the Google crawler found the particular owner as a spammer then Google scrutinize the rest domains owned by that owner.

TLD: Having your country TLD in your domain helps to rank in that specific country… also it limits your site to rank globally.

Website Title and Keywords:  The title, which starts with your keywords, works superior than title tags with the keywords used in the middle or towards the end of the tag.

Descriptions and Keywords: Not that much important, but still helpful for relevancy justification. It helps to boost your relevancy aspect.

H1 Tag: Actually H1 is your second title of the page that transmit relevancy signals to the search engines.

Content: Having keywords in your sites page content also helps to boost up relevancy of the page and also boost your site relevancy.

Length of Content:  Your content length always correlated with your search engine result page. So having brief and unique content with wider length helps a lot.

Keywords Density:  It is not that much worth it, but still Google uses it for considering the conversation point of a webpage. Still exceeding the boundary of density will harm your content quality.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing): LSI keywords maintain search engine essence meaning from the used vocals with more than one explanation.  Also existence or absence of the LSI acts like content quality aspect.

Title & Description with LSI: LSI in title and description helps Google to recognize between equivalent words and also act as relevancy factor.

Page Speed:  Every search engine uses page load speed as one of the ranking factors.  Google’s Spider can calculate your site speed impartially and correctly based on code and size of a file.

Copied/Duplicate Content: Exactly the same content on the same site can negatively affect your site’s search engine presence.

Canonical Tag: Use of canonical tag on webpage prevent Google from considering pages identical content.

Alt Tag Optimization: Image sends a relevancy indication to search engine via text, ALT tags, title of image, file name of image and caption. So it plays a vital role in ranking.

Freshness of Content Update:  Google Caffeine favors recently updated or published content, mostly for time-sensitive hunts. Google’s Caffeine displays the date of last published page on the SERP.

This is not a complete list, still there are many factors need to be discuss here, will be back with the remaining list very soon, till wait and practices with the above referred factors.  These all SEO ranking factors are surely worth it.

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February - 28, 2018 | Edited by: Madhukar SV (Digital Consultant)

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