SEO Trends for 2017

We Wish everybody a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017.  As we say good bye to Year 2016 , which was a very sharp year for SEO’s we need to be prepared for latest trends which will be dominating our next 12 months. I have made a list of few important trends which will help you achieve good search ranking for next few months.

Mobile is the New King 

We have seen google giving lot of importance for mobile friendly sites in 2016 and this trend will further increase in 2017. Mobile first design , mobile first content and mobile first indexing seems to get more and more importance from google’s side as its moving more mobile than ever . So keep your websites 100 percent mobile friendly , check this link  for mobile friendliness . If you don’t have a completely responsive website then its very difficult to stay in the serp race. Also don’t forget to implement structure data types in mobile version of the website , this will help your website rank on mobile search .

Personal / Predictive Search Results

In last few months we have seen more personalized search results and this was obvious as search was used more on personalized devices like mobile , tablets and other hand held devices. As google is giving more importance to Ai , we can see its search bar behaving on similar lines , predicting search keywords , answering questions asked on search bar like robot and many more machine learning aspects . So its very important that your website should have proper data required for our users [ website visitors ] based on their intent [ search keywords ] and data types , schemas etc.

More Secure Web – https implementation

As the number of sites are increasing exponentially which store user data like email ids , phone numbers , profile picture in its database like e-commerce sites, community sites etc the data  of there users will be of atmost importance as their privacy will be at risk if this data is compromised.  Google in its September blog post mentioned that its moving towards a more secure web and all the website which store user details should be on https instead of http. Google has also mentioned that it will mark http pages which collect user details as non secure in their search results and browser http bar. So it is very important for websites storing user details should move to https , a simple guide on how to switch to https is mentioned here pls go through it , click here .

Voice Search 

Google had earlier mentioned that more than 20% of all mobile searches are from voice search . It is obvious that voice search will only increase from here , so making our websites ready for voice search is very important . By adding micro data ,  by providing context to schema markup , adding more Q&A pages we can increase our chance of ranking for voice searches. We can also target long tail keywords which will help us rank for voice search .

Being ready with  the latest trend helps us to outsmart our competition if you have some suggestions of seo trends  feel free to connect with us .

February - 28, 2018 | Edited by: Madhukar SV (Digital Consultant)

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