It’s The Content That Matters A Lot

When we say page content, it could be graphics, links to another sites, or text. And when it comes to the graphics, it shouldn’t be overdone because search engines do not go perfectly along with graphics. Okay, so basically, here is how it goes—the better the value of your content, the higher ranking spot available for you alone, plus huge amount of traffic with a side dish of website fame. Thus, important, informative, unique, and fresh is very much expected of sites today. It’s probably because audiences are a bit hungrier now for anything technologically inclined.

First-class and Unique Contents

When information about certain people or happenings is already out there everywhere, why do you think people still read your contents? It’s because of your own style of spinning it. Don’t get it wrong, spinning is not wrong. It’s a great way to give more meaning to the words without sacrificing the very soul behind every test.

Copy Writing for SEO Contentment

This process is basically about the process of incorporating keywords phrases to make up page content.
Here are also tips on how to find the right Anchor Test and make your better than any others.
•    Keyword strictly adhered per search engine.
•    Web pages are supposed to be juts small.
•    Enough with the complex language and throw them out of the house.
•    Keeps everything in place and distribute the page contents
•    Diving into shorter paragraphs for better ranking.

Paybacks of Making Great Contents

You have to start thinking about what’s going to happen after you finallyown the first place in the ranking. Well, it’s time to think about your audiences and how they will recommend to everyone they know so you could get as many visitors as possible. Well, good thing that you have amazing contents they might like. And here are the other benefits of using great contents on your page.
•    You may encounter other webmasters wanting to create a link of your site on theirs. How exciting is that?
•    Suggestions and recommendations to other people will bombard your page in a really great way.
•    Your page will gain trust and will patronize any update you do it. So make sure that you don’t break that trust.
•    And even though you are also suggested by the search engine, searchers will find your contents interesting as well.

They’re going to find it worth it for giving the try.

Therefore, no matter how hard it is to maintain great quality of contents, it’s going to pay off later one once everything with SEO is already pleased. Even before then, there are already tons of reasons why you should always go for better contents.
Make sure you take the contents seriously and you keep the keywords, meta tags and of course, the title unique, informative and interesting. Always keep in mind that the content rules the kingdom, okay?

Authenticating Websites for SEO

This is all about verifying everything in your website, including, of course, the Syntax of HTML. And keep in mind that when it comes to HTML Syntax, wrong can’t be somewhat right in any way. Although some might think that HTML is not being verified by SEO, there are still reasons why you still have to verify them.
So, why on virtual Earth is HTML Syntax is required? Well, here’s why.
•    No matter how amazing the content is, the syntax should be syntactically correct and okay with the Quality Gates.
•    Being consistently right with it never fails to please webmasters.
•    There are other search engines that don’t think this is acceptable.
•    It might create some confusion with the HTML tags.

Getting To Know the W3C Compliance

Its abbreviation is for World Wide Web Consortium and was known to the world in 1994. It has given guidelines that are due for websites and webpages. And because of it, you can now authenticate your webpages through these links.
1)    CSS Validator.:For CSS File that might offend the W3C Standard
2)    HTML/XHTML Validator.:For HTML or XHTML File that might offend the W3C Standard
Every certification should be through XHTML DTD because it’s the refined version of HTML.

W3C Compliance Rules

The following are the rules you ought to know in accordance to complying with the W3C.
•    Tags should always be closed.
•    Empty tags don’t have an end tag and will get a terminating slash.
<BR> is now <br />.
<HR> is now <hr />.
<IMG SRC=”–“> is now <img src=”–” />
•    XHTML declaration statements are to be used in starting XHTML pages.
“-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN” “DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd”>
•    It’s mandatory to have the head and body tags.
•    The tags must be in lower case, but only the tags.
<FONT color=”#ffffcc”> is invalid
<font color=”#ffffcc”> is valid
<font color=”#FFFFCC”> is also valid
•    It’s not necessary for tags to be nested.
•    Attribute values should be in double quotes.
•    CSS should be in lower case.
•    Provided that a &, it must be included, write them as &amp:
•    When it comes to the <pre> tag, the img, object, small, big, sup, or sub should be in it.

February - 28, 2018 | Edited by: Madhukar SV (Digital Consultant)

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