Online Reputation Management Services

Nearly 9 out of 10 people will search your company online before considering doing business with you. Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, your online reputation is as important as your brand perception and value in your customers’ minds. If any negative information comes up on the first or second search engine results page, there is a chance of losing out on potential customers. With online reputation management, we can monitor, discover and react to any information on the internet that may be hurting your brand image. Our services are a combination of proactive and reactive efforts to influence consumer perception of your company or brand in the digital realm.

Why ORM Matters for Your Business?

  • Almost 85% of consumers make their decisions based on internet research and reviews
  • A majority of consumers, nearly 71% share online reviews of the product they have purchased or services they used
  • While 45% of consumers rely on Google to form opinions about a business, 55% depend on social media
  • When consumers see online reviews from their personal contacts or familiar people, it influences about 79% people’s buying decisions
  • Competitors can play a major role in damaging the opinions of even the best of businesses

As you can see, your online brand image plays an integral role in building your reputation in the minds of consumers and determines your future sales and brand equity. If you’re noticing some negative comments or want to improve your reputation, it’s time to choose our dedicated online reputation management services.

Our ORM Strategy Includes

Assessment – We analyse the nature and the extent of the damage online as we map your negative content.

Content Strategy – We then study the existing positive resources and formulate a creative content strategy around the negative search results.

Implementation – Our technical and creative teams work together to implement steps that can integrate and push the positive results at the top of search engine rankings. We also publish stories that help in gaining authority and rank above your negative comments.

SEO & SEM – Once we have content ready and it’s published, we get Google to index all our efforts. Backed by our social media services, we also help you to stay consistent and relevant on all social media sites.

Reports – In collaboration with you, we review the monthly progress and improvise for better results in the coming months.

How We Measure Your Online Reputation

Before determining how much TLC your reputation needs, it’s important to measure it correctly. Today, there are various smart tools and techniques that we have mastered to help our clients understand their current reputation in the digital landscape. We use the best social media monitoring and analysis tactics to deliver results.

  1. Have Clear Objectives

We set defined objectives to direct your search. Our team constantly recognizes that consumers are thinking about your brand by analysing every aspect of your business. For instance, if you’re a retail store, you should know what people think about the customer service, the fashion collection, the ambience of your store, pricing, and how your apparels compare with your competitors.

  1. Set Benchmarks

By understanding the past performance of your business and competitors, we can set benchmarks for the future. We use tools like AHREFs, Google Console, SEMRush, etc.

  1. Monitor the Climate

We continuously monitor the climate of your online brand. Based on your branded keywords, we set aside some time every week to conduct in-depth social media and SERP analysis. With real-time monitoring, we can catch negative comments instantly and act upon them.

  1. Understand Changing Perceptions

We also gather information about changing consumer perceptions and sentiments related to your brand and your competitors. This helps you compare the shift in brand perception as per the benchmarks we set in step 2.

  1. Analyse and Recommend

Lastly, we analyse all the data and make necessary recommendations for online reputation management. This can involve changes in marketing, product development, communications, etc. for better results.

Let us monitor, protect and repair your online reputation with our exceptional knowledge and expertise. Contact us to discuss your online reputation challenges.


by - Madhukar SV (Co-Founder & CEO)