Search Engine Marketing

Optimise your website through search engine


Search Engine Marketing

It comprises of Pay Per Click (PPC), remarketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). These methods involve promotion of your website through optimization and advertising. We find out your target customers and display the ads of your product/service. It also helps in lead generation for your website, generates traffic and improves the conversion rate.

Remarketing is the methodology through which ads are displayed to the audience who have one visited your website. A simple cookie will be stored in the visitors’ browser that enables this process. This keeps the brand name fresh in the potential customers’ mind.

CRO is a systematic and analytical approach to improve the performance of your website. The process focuses to give good experience to the web page visitors and converting them into customers. It is about understanding the audience and then creating a targeted message to them. The methodologies vary from company to company.


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