Data highlighter! How Useful in Click-Through-Rate CTR?

What is Data highlighter tool? Data Highlighter is a webmaster tool, which is used to teach Google about the event-related data on your website. Using Data Highlighter is very easy and you can simply tag the data fields or events on your site by simply using a mouse. After extracting the data using the data…

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website layout

Website Designing and Layout That Wows

Aside from filenames, the website design and layout also have great effects on how your pages impact the users. And you’ll be surprised how simplicity is also the key in designing and layout. If your site gets too extravagant and all, it won’t be too efficient and instead, it will just become too complicated to…

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SEO company

Right SEO company Put Websites to Success

Why choose An Indian SEO Company? The key focus of a SEO company is about SEO rankings and positioning of websites in the listings. It is also considered as a process which promotes the ranking of search engine and picks content for the top ranking from the list. Search Engine Optimization companies are an effective…

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Importance of Web Hosting Companies in SEO

There are many factors on which a company or an individual selects his web host provider.  Some factors which we generally analyses are hosting providers uptime , their technical support efficiency ,  server capabilities [ pros/cons ] , software features , hardware features, Control panel usability , online reviews about that host provider and cost…

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Know the Importance of Keywords in Domain

Important keywords placed in domain names will provide you such advantage in the internet world because it can enhance the possibility of generous rates on search engine results and paid ads, too. Ka-ching! Just keep things a bit simple, though. Don’t make your domain names too long to be remembered by your target audience and…

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search engine optimization

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Familiarizing yourself about what’s going to bring your business to the top is an absolute must when building up a start-up company or business in the world of connections and links.  And before you get into the battle and crush it all, you better gather up all your tactics and make sure that you have…

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